Umami Fleur De Sel is hand-harvested by artisans in the protected nature reserves of Rio Formosa in the Algarve of Portugal. Natural salt crystallization, the purity of local Atlantic waters, and a traditional hand-harvesting process dating back to Roman times enable us to produce sea salt completely naturally.

The Process

The system of saltpans used for concentrating and crystallizing Atlantic sea brine was introduced to the Algarve by the Phoenicians and then perfected by the Romans.


We harvest our Fleur de Sel according to the natural cycle of the year, in order to guarantee quality and taste.


Delicate, flaky crystals of Fleur de Sel are carefully skimmed from the brine’s surface on a daily basis, during the summer evenings, from June to September.


The flower of sea salt is then left to dry naturally by the sun and the wind.


The perfect complement to elevate and enhance flavor.

Now available anywhere in the world.

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