The Umami cattle are 100% Fullblood Tajima Black Wagyu, with genetics and lineage traced back to the very best Japanese Tajima bloodlines to the great grandparents. The cattle are raised on The Umami Ranch in East Texas by the infamous Wagyu Whisperer Ryan Bagley.

Living conditions and diet

The incredible eco system in East Texas provides natural vegetation rich in nutrients to compliment the bespoke care on The Umami Ranch.

The Umami cattle live a life of luxury with abundant food, filtered spring water and attention to their every need.

Raised on the pasture until 12 months and slowly transitioned to a feed-based diet which combines corn, sugar beets, straw, and over 440lbs of Olive Feed over 180 days resulting in meat with the special Olive Fed flavor.

The location

- T E X A S -

The Umami Ranch

By not isolating the cattle we provide a zero-stress environment, an abundance of food, filtered water, and exceptional care. Umami cattle are all hormone and antibiotic-free.

Umami has a range of 4 Grades, all comprising the incredible Olive Fed flavor each with a different level of marbling or Intramuscular fat ratio (IMF%)

The Olive Feed

Sustainable agriculture = Environmentally friendly meat

The Olive Feed Corporation invented a process to transform the waste of Olive Oil production into animal feed.